Systems Immunology & Immunoengineering (May 2020):

A Proposal for Using CAR T-Cell AND Gates with MUC1 and MSLN Receptors to Treat Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma.

  • My team was tasked with modeling a novel application of T-cell engineering based on literature review.

  • I came up with the idea of pancreatic adenocarcinoma treatment and mathematically modeled the combinatorial CAR T-cell therapy we chose.

  • We presented in front of the entire class.


PhD Qualifying Exam (Aug 2021):

For my Bioengineering PhD Qualifying Exam, I was tasked with presenting an update of my research progress and writing an NIH-style R21 grant proposal for a project in my field that no one on my team is currently working on. The format included a written component and a 1-hour Zoom presentation in front of my PhD Committee, with closed-doors evaluation afterward.

Research Title:

Multi-omic Signatures of Constipation and Apolipoprotein ε4 in the Human Plasma Metabolome and Gut Microbiome

Proposal Title:

Understanding Associations Between Blood-Derived α-diversity of the Gut Microbiome and COVID-19 Disease Severity and Outcomes